Citizen-Times, March 2019

The western counties of North Carolina get one representative in the U.S. House of Representatives, just one. And if Congress were a deck of cards, we drew a joker, right down to the tinkly bells on his slippers. Mark Meadows is a disgrace.

In front of the world on TV, he brings out a black lady who has planned events for the Trumps. With the poor lady standing like an exhibit behind him, Meadows says she proves that the president is not a racist. Then he lets his bruised ego run amuck when a congresswoman criticizes his little sideshow.

I can’t read the man’s heart to know if he himself is a racist, as some allege – but I can say absolutely, without question, that he has rock-head bad judgment. He’s an embarrassment to us all.

In the future, I want a message to crawl across the bottom of the screen whenever he speaks:

“Mark Meadows represents Western North Carolina, but he is not a native of WNC. He is a real estate developer from Florida.”