Citizen-Times, June 4 2018

The Fox News reporter (Todd Piro, I think) gathered some Trump voters in a South Carolina cafe. He asked them about their support for President Trump.  In her turn, the lady on his left said, “He’s just like us.”

What? A New York slicker just like rock solid Carolinians?

It’s a great mystery. The lady knows from life experience that certain people play roles to get what they want:  salesmen, lover boys, swindlers and yes, politicians.  They bait the hook and watch the bobber.

But she doesn’t recognize Trump as one of them.

When Trump first thought of politics, he identified a big block of Americans who were unhappy, even angry, about many things. This group was his target.

Somewhere there’s a list in Trump’s handwriting – things this target group hates: Obama, the Clintons, liberals, gun laws, political correctness, unpatriotism, taxes, illegal immigrants.  Someday the list will be in the Smithsonian.

He started in 2011 as the Big Birther. Of course he knew Obama was born in the U.S.  It was sweet baith for the hook.

Campaign speeches gushed with targeted promises – to repeal everything Obama, stomp on Washington, make America great.

And the salesman makes his sale – every day.