Citizen-Times letter, September 2020

To the editor:

I was a big Georgetown basketball fan through the ‘80s and ‘90s.  John Thompson was a great coach, but he drove me crazy when he’d take the team to four-corners when they had a lead toward the end.  They’d turn the ball over, and all too often, lose.

What makes me think of that?  The 2020 Democratic presidential campaign.  Biden thinks to go to Kenosha “if he can do it safely.”  What?  Safely?  Thousands gathered at the Lincoln Memorial, and hundreds protest.  Run and gun, Joe.  Daily VP briefings with, “A-B-C, this is what we stand for!”  Over and over.  Calling his lies, lies and his ignorance, ignorance.  Do Swiftboat-style commercials with generals and former insiders, using the awful truth with power. 

Now is the time.  Don’t let them get momentum.  Exploit every mistake.  Press, press, press.   

If they win, everybody loses.  Everybody.  Even Trump supporters.