Sentinel, September, 2004

[An Iraq soldier responded in support of this letter]

I’m actually writing this to those who voted for George Bush and/or Charles Taylor in the last couple of elections. I understand the professionals don’t bother with voters who maintain their support for the other side.  But I hate to see anybody repeat the mistakes of their past.

So…what have Bush and Taylor done for you?

They gave you a tax cut. You like that.  You got a few hundred dollars, maybe.  But does it bother you that Bush and Taylor’s friends, the millionaires, got mega-thousands in their tax refund envelopes?  And that this giveaway resulted in a massive national debt that our children will inherit?

They went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  You were all for that.  We had to strike back.  But does it bother you that they were CLUELESS as to HOW they went to war?  Months passed before they went after Osama in Afghanistan and never with adequate forces.  They had no understanding of what occupying Iraq would mean, even though volumes had been written on the subject.

They passed legislation. Yes, indeed.  For four years they passed legislation.  But can you name one item of legislation they passed?  Does it bother you that EVERYTHING the Republican Congress did from 2001, when Bush took office, until now has been for political purposes, to please their base of support, not to solve our country’s problems?  Everything.

If you’re a conservative Christian, does it bother you that they have passed or proposed law after law designed to keep you happy? Maybe not – unless you think about it.  With all the problems our country faces, they spend week after week on matters of abortion and gay marriage, for example – because they think they can get you worked up and you’ll forget about jobs being lost, the record national debt, their poor planning and handling of the war, their inaction on healthcare, etc., etc.  Do you feel insulted that they think you can be led around by your nose like that?  Do you feel like a sucker?  I would.  As soon as they’re in trouble, they hold a press conference against gay marriage or abortion in an effort to pacify you.  It would make me mad.

Have you noticed that they don’t hold press conferences to denounce their own sins of pride and arrogance and greed – the things Jesus preached against. Their objective is to divide the country into “us” and “them” factions.  That’s the only way they can win.

I guess what I’m saying to you who have recently voted for Bush and Taylor, especially you Democrats, is this: THINK.  If you can look at what Bush and Taylor have done – and I say DONE, not what they’ve talked about – and you can say, yes, they’ve done their jobs, I have no quarrel with your voting for them again.  But I’m betting if you were to look with a truly open mind, you’d say it’s time for a change.