Citizen-Times, 12/2/2016

America was born in a time of radical ideas in Europe.   One idea guy in particular had a huge impact on our Founding Fathers: John Locke.

Thomas Jefferson lip-synched Locke in the Declaration of Independence. Our democracy was founded on his great line, “Governments are instituted among Men deriving their powers from the consent of the governed.”

But Locke had another big idea, too. He wrote that when government no longer meets the people’s needs, they have the right and duty to make whatever changes they deem necessary. Jefferson used this argument to justify Revolution.

That’s what happened November 8. We had ourselves a revolution.

The people elected a charismatic personality, a perceived strongman whose promises were a call to “Rise up and storm the walls!” Enough of them did.

It didn’t matter that his promises took little account of Congressional approval, budget limitations, accepted ways of doing things in government and international law. He would drain the D.C. swamp and get things done. “Believe me,” he said, “it will be so easy.”

Now we watch and wait. To me, the big question is: Will our Republican Congress play strongman’s apprentice?