Citizen-Times, 10/2004

The car pulled up right in front of our voter registration table, not in a parking space. The man who emerged from the passenger door walked straight to us, his wallet in his hand.  He put his drivers license on the table and, without a word, began filling out a voter registration form.  My colleague asked if he had been previously registered elsewhere.  He said no, never.  The man was in his 50s.  He said he’d fought in Vietnam and had come home so disillusioned he’d never voted.  But this time, he said, he must vote.  He registered Democrat.

These are days of colossal importance for America.  If you believe that military intervention is NOT the solution to fighting Muslim extremism, that the rich and powerful should NOT be favored by our government over average people and the poor, that we are stewards of the earth and therefore its protectors, that the world should end its dependence on oil – then ACT ON YOUR BELIEFS.